My name is Bob, and I became interested in neuro-testing, and working with a life coach, when I was looking for clarity in my life. I wanted to be more productive and effective in both my personal and professional lives.

In order to have more positive and productive interactions with others, it seemed clear to me that I needed to have a better understanding of both myself and the people I dealt with on a daily basis.

I took personality tests and learned some interesting things about myself, and that was helpful.

But learning about personality, while valuable, didn’t seem to tell me the whole story. I wanted to learn more.

Why were some tasks, professional roles and subject matter easier for me to deal with than others? Why did I look forward to working on certain tasks and procrastinated on others.

Some relationships grew stronger naturally, but others were hard to salvage.

Dealing with stress, risk and change were so different from one circumstance to another, and my focus and motivation could be extremely high in one situation and low in another.

In other words, why did some subjects, work related tasks and relationships just seemed to click, and others didn’t no matter how hard I tried to make them work?

What I was about to discover was life changing and absolutely amazed me!

The Breakthrough

After meeting Scott (see below), who is an expert in neuroscience (neurophysiology) and an incredibly experienced life coach, I learned a lot about how a person’s brain is wired determines how they best interact with the world around them in every way imaginable.

What that means is that once you understand how your own brain is wired (your personal neurophysiology), you’ll have the starting point for finding your best path in life.

This knowledge will help you be more successful in your ability to learn, how to get along better with others, your professional life and your personal life.

One thing I learned was the difference between personality tests and a personal neurology assessment (neuro-test).

Personality tests give you many insights into your behaviors, and they’re used by therapists to help you deal with disorders.

A neurological assessment tells you specifically how your brain is wired, in other words, how your brain functions and helps you deal with different situations and circumstances.

Your personal neurophysiology is the best predictor for making the right choices for your field of study, career path, marriage partner and every other important decision you’ll ever make.

I’m a true believer at this point, and I’m on a mission to help others see the light and use neuroscience to help them build the life of their dreams.

I’m so convinced of the value neuroscience can bring to a person that I’m now using it in my volunteer work to help teenagers and young adults find their life path.

I hope you’ll use this website, and the resources you find here, to build the life you were meant to live.

Life Coaching Scott DavidScott is the driving force behind the Nuero-Test online assessments.

Scott has coached more than 10,000 students from all walks of life to help them recognize their natural strengths so they can excel personally, professionally, and spiritually without having to struggle unnecessarily.

Some of the types of coaching that Scott has experience with includes business executives, leadership development, sales, sales management, stress and anxiety just to name a few. Scott also has considerable expertise in neurobiology and neurophysiology.

He has also worked extensively with teenagers, including those who have experienced significant trauma in their lives.

It All Starts With A Person’s Neurophysiology

Scott learned early on that coaching students without taking their neurophysiology into account left far too much of their potential untapped.

A person’s true self is rooted in how their brains are wired, so that’s where any life coaching program should start.

That’s why Scott has spent so much time and effort to develop the online neuro-tests, which help anyone discover, and gain a deep understanding, of how their brain wiring affects their path to success in life.

Overcoming Obstacles & Finding Success

One reason why Scott is so driven to help others succeed is because he has faced, and overcome, what he was told were “impossible” obstacles.

After graduating high school, Scott was in an auto accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. The doctors gave him two hours to live, however not only did Scott survive, after 10 months of hard work he had learned to walk again.

That experience left Scott with a can-do attitude where no problem seems too big to overcome. He’s been there, and he thrives at helping others navigate and conquer their greatest challenges whether it’s in the workplace, the family, relationships or any other area of life.

Scott’s Credentials

Scott holds a Masters Degree in Leadership, a Masters of Divinity and has several applicable certifications that give him a unique ability to help people reach their optimal potential in life. He has worked with people from more than 150 organizations, primarily universities and Fortune 500 companies.

Scott also has an extraordinary expertise in the workings of the human brain, specifically neurobiology and neurophysiology.

Partial List of Scott’s Degrees & Certifications

BA – Humanities / Religion
MACL – Masters in Leadership
MDiv – Masters of Divinity
ACT World of Work Map
Barnabus Coach
DiSC Communication Tool
Firo Business Assessment
Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences
Holland Hexagon Career Interests
Microsoft Office Specialist
Myers Briggs Personality Assessment
Schein Career Anchors
Strong Interest Inventory
Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
Truth@Work Chapter President
WorkPlace Big 5 Personality Profile
xSAIL Change Coach